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Part 3 of My First Makeup Vid, Starting on the Eyes

Here is the 3rd segment of my 1st makeup YT vid, where I start working on the eyes. I finish the base by touching up, highlighting, & then I trim & pluck my eyebrows a little bit. Keep an eye out (no pun intended) for Part 4 to learn how to apply eyeliner, eyeshadow, & mascara & how to do a basic smoky eye look. That’s where I REALLY start getting the color on the eyes! To see the finished look, check out my “Avon Demo Completed Look” video (which I uploaded first)! QUITE the transformation, hey!? Please visit my channel for more details in the info section of each video to see what products I used for the look. Thanks again for watching!

Part 2 of My First Makeup Vid (Base)

Here is Segment 2 of my first YouTube vid, featuring how I apply cover-up (stick), contouring powder, & blush. I should probably be using a highlighter for underneath the eyes, or at least concealer, but I haven’t been doing that. (I often think it is OVER-done in today’s society…especially with celebrities.) I’m going to try to remember to start to incorporating that into my routine, because I was playing around with some Avon Quad shadows last night & just happened to give it a whirl…I used one of my super light matte cream Revlon shadow colors as a bit of a primer just for experimentation, & I think I could see even MORE of a transformation with a bit of something like that.

Stay tuned for how the look is coming along with the next segments. Or just visit my YouTube page, as all the segments are already uploaded there. Thanks for watching!

Part 1 of my 1st YouTube Makeup Vid

Hello there. Me without makeup is SCARY…so I made some vids of how I look WITH makeup, to experiment with my first makeup look “tutorial” of sorts. A tutorial with my warped twist of humor. (Well, in the next few vid segments…when I start warming up, haha!) In this vid, I show the miraculous transformation that takes place (gotta add the drama, of course) with Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation.This is the start of my base. Going from bare, to AWESOME. Stay tuned for the other segments, which I’ll be adding shortly! & thanks for watching!

A Quick Welcome…BIENVENIDO!

YESSS. So excited to finally have a NEW blog. I decided this would be better than dinking around with my old one, especially since WordPress is rated #1 on the Top 10 Blog Services Review: This is what I was working on for hours last night & lately, & studying up on. The past few days especially. I feel like I’m in college all over again hahaha.

Gonna start uploading a few posts & other things in here as soon as I can. There is much work to be done…I didn’t even work on my bio & other settings yet. I would like to try some CSS programming to tweak the current theme I chose (which I mostly like the layout for)…a few things, & also the colors.

There will be a few things talked about on here….a variety. Hence the “Multi-Faceted Maven of Multiple Matters”, hahahahaha! I’ll blog about Avon, beauty, social media, SEO, & fitness. A mixed bag.

I shall return……………………

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!