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An Avon Product PREVIEW Review; & Legitimate Work-at-Home Resource Information

Well hello there, lovely peeps of the blogosphere! It’s certainly been a while. I am here today to write about a couple things: 1 will be a Preview review on an Avon Product. The 2nd one will be on a Legitimate Work-at-Home Resource & Information.

So, I got to try (“demo”) the Avon Super Shock Liquid Lip Shine SPF 15 in Lilac Attack. I keep forgetting this is a lip GLOSS, as I was expecting a bit more color payout. It truly is SUPER shiny though. The lip brush sponge tip is JUMBO-sized & has a well tip (a tip with a little dip in it) so it holds more gloss for one application than a normal brush. Overall, a great gloss. It truly swipes enough gloss on to cover most of the lips. When I did a second coat, I got a little bit more color to pop out.  It will be featured in Campaign 15. We are currently on C-14. So there is a little tidbit of preview info on that gloss. Feel free to comment with your experiences with it if you purchase it. In the meantime, please visit my store for great Campaign 14 deals & steals!

Ok, so, I have found the best resource out there for LEGITIMATE work-at-home jobs. It is an e-book that contains over 200 links to legit work-at-home jobs in varying categories, such as transcription, medical coding/transcription, accounting, customer service, & much more. I highly encourage you to check it out. You might come across the right match for you, FINALLY, after searching & searching with nothing but dead ends. The e-book also contains advice on how to start your own business, & helps you decide which category fits your skills & desires. Again, it is the most informative resource that I’ve seen out there on the net so far. (Click on the link below to check it out.)

****Click here to visit Work From Home Xperts. & even read a sample of their e-book!

Thank you for visiting, & have a lovely weekend, bloggers!


Perplexed by a Rebellious Complexion: My Acne Story

(This post was written a couple weeks ago, but I haven’t put it out on my blog yet, ’til now.)

I really don’t even want to talk about this. But it’s really making me emotional and bothering me, so I’m going to anyway. (Wow…now that I got THAT out of the way…..lmfao.) And, what BETTER place to talk about it, than the blog of an Avon lady!!!!!

Despite being heavily interested in beauty and aesthetics, and….MAKEUP, I, unfortunately, have always had a craptastic complexion. And what a bummer it is, as all aspiring makeup artists have one main canvas to practice on….THEMSELVES.

The suckfest of items that plague my face: big pores (which I have ALWAYS had, and it appears to run in my family), acne, hormonal breakouts, BACKne (acne on the back), chest acne, and erratic dry and oily spells. There is also this WEIRD smell the oil on my face has when it gets greasy. EWW! The acne itself can be “normal” or cystical…which is the kind I hate because it HURTS, and there’s almost nothing you can do about it because it’s so far under the dermis (bahaha, like my nice attempt at dermatological wordage?).

My acne issues started when I was 12 but got really bad when I was 15 and 16. That is when the cystical crap started happening. When I turned 17 and 18, things got a little better. And then I was on the pill and went tanning here and there, so I was doing much better and had only mild breakouts. The tanning helped (despite me being nervous about skin cancers worries) a little and covered up the acne scars, especially on my back. I still had the acne at 17 and 18 that I will probably always have, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad. And it wasn’t constant cystical breakouts. I still got an individual cystical zit here and there, but not one right after the other. Then, after all these years of having things mostly under control, things recently started going HAYWIRE. And I can’t pinpoint the EXACT reason why. I stopped the pill (birth control), thinking I could lose some puffy fat that just isn’t coming off. WRONG answer. Because ever since about 2 months after I gave birth, I gained WEIGHT like never before in my life. Not even when I was PREGNANT. But AFTER. And along with all these hormonal changes and tweaks, now come some severe, erratic changes with my complexion. This is absolutely horrifying and dumbfounding.

Now, I’m back to the painful, and constantly-cropping-up cystical acne, that just seemed to creep right back into my life after I went off the pill in October 2010 (I think it was anyway). Also, since I went off, I haven’t had my lovely monthly female visitor on my own. I honestly think it has something to do with THAT, mainly….the LACK of normality with my cycle. (Geez, I wonder what acne issues MEN go through.)

That’s when this bizarre, different type of acne came in like little attack forces, coming out of the woodwork. I remember Nicola from Pixiwoo (on YouTube) mention something about “hormonal” acne (which, I’m pretty sure all acne is hormonal on some level anyway) and how hormones are causing her breakouts around the areas of her jawline/neck and the outer perimeter of her face. I’m definitely experiencing this, so it’s all put-together in my mind now. HORMONES. Stupid bastard hormones that don’t deserve a life. Haha.

So, I’m back on the hunt for a great new facewash (a different one), in hopes that it will work. It’s very frustrating when the same regimen you’ve used for years no longer works, thanks to whatever hormonal changes that happened in the body since having a child. The acne embarrassed me in middle school, high school, and even still, although I don’t get AS embarrassed about it now. I’m actually able to just say “screw it” and leave the house without makeup on. Whereas, high school…FORGET IT. I got up at 4 a.m. every day so that I could shower before EVERYONE (my parents had one bathroom at the time, so my Dad insisted that I was the first one to shower so everyone else could have hot water, and since I “took so long” with my “getting-ready” process). Then I did my makeup, and that took like, an hour, at that age. I was very elaborate with my hair. (Now, NOT SO MUCH. Bah.)

I was DETERMINED to NEVER be called a “Pizza Face” ever again…That was by 2 bully girls in 7th grade, on the bus, who apparently still are bullies (recalling more recent experiences with each one).

It was working…..all the time I took on my makeup every morning made me RISE ABOVE all the rude and evil insults from the bully girls. I was a total hottie. Now…I’m just a fat hottie. Hahahahhaa. But oh well. But yeah, F them bitches!!!!!!!

One product I am going to try out is the Avon Clearskin Blemish-Clearing Foaming Cleanser, which has salicylic acid. Miracle Worker

That ingredient is the one thing that has worked better for me than other acne-eliminating/-reducing “active ingredients”, such as triclosan, benzoyl peroxide, etc. I have had decent times with the AcneFree version of Proactive, and now I just saw at Walmart that they have a true generic version, of the Equate name (Walmart’s generic). (Proactive, Acne Free, & now this Equate one, all have benzoyl peroxide as their “active ingredient”.) Money has always been an issue in replacing emptying treatment system packs, and it’s even harder now, which is why I’m just going to try adding ONE new product in (the Clearskin Blemish facewash) and see if that will help…Just changing/adding one new thing at a time to see what helps. THEN I’ll go back to try the generic pack of Equate stuff if all else fails. The only thing I wish they would change about their benzyol peroxide facial cleanser, is to turn it into a FOAMING cleanser. Despite people saying that “foaming” doesn’t necessarily mean “better/cleaner washing results”, I still feel cleaner when I have a nice foaming cleanser. (I’m the same way about laundry…if I can’t SWOOSH my soap around & see bubbles FIRST, then I can’t handle it, haha. Which is why I will ALWAYS go for a top-load washer, versus the new-styled side-load ones. Like, what do you do if you forget some clothing articles???? I’m ALWAYS forgetting things!)

So…WISH ME LUCK! I will post about it when I receive it and am able to start using it daily.

You can find Clearskin facial products at my online store, here.

Or, to purchase the Clearskin Blemish-Clearing Foaming Cleanser, click here.

First Makeup Video, Finished “Product”

Annnnnnd….YAYYYYY….An Amanda with Makeuppppppp! Quite the transformation. I still think I look just RIDICULOUS without makeup. Especially with my quirky weirdness. (I may have posted this BEFORE the first 6 segments, but I just wanted to post it again to show the difference, for people who are reading this in order). Makeup is just so much fun, & it makes you look & feel great & can up your mood, just because you KNOW you have it on & look great.

As far as my blog, I plan to spend more time on it & add more content (written content as well) asap. I can’t wait to share my quirkiness with the world, one blog at a time! (See…that is exactly what I mean……bahahaha!)

Part 6 of 6 of First Makeup Vid

Here is the final “segment” of my First YouTube Makeup Video. I finish the eyes with mascara & “put my lips on”, hahaha! I’ll post a vid of the COMPLETE look next.

Part 5 of My First Makeup Vid

Hi there…Here is the 5th part of my first YT makeup vid. This is where I do some serious eye makeup application, hahaha. Lots and lots of blending. “Blend, Blend, Blend!” as we aspiring makeup artists (MUA’s) say. I start discussing mascaras at the end, before I get into applying them in Video # 6, which I’ll post next. Thanks 4 Watching. I hope you find these videos helpful, or just to get some new ideas or tips & techniques. SHARE THE LOVE OF MAKEUP!!!! ❤

Part 4 of my First Makeup Vid

Hello there! Welcome to Part 4, where I begin applying the eyeliner & eyeshadow, starting a basic smoky eye look. Annnnnd, I start blabbing in Spanish a little bit. Hahaha.

Keep an eye out (no pun intended) for Parts 5 & 6. To see the finished look, check out my “Avon Demo Completed Look” video (which I uploaded first). QUITE the transformation, hey!?

The products I am using for the base are listed in video segments Part 1 & Part 2.

Products for starting on the eyes (which I started in Part 3): Maybelline Expert Wear Brow & Eyeliner in Velvet Black. There is NO tugging involved with that stuff, which is vital when you’re trying to make straight lines!

Products for this segment: Avon Ultra Luxury Eye Liner in Dark Brown, Revlon Cream Eyeshadow “Quad” in Petal. Check out more segments to how I created this look & also keep an eye out for more in the future, at my YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching!

Part 3 of My First Makeup Vid, Starting on the Eyes

Here is the 3rd segment of my 1st makeup YT vid, where I start working on the eyes. I finish the base by touching up, highlighting, & then I trim & pluck my eyebrows a little bit. Keep an eye out (no pun intended) for Part 4 to learn how to apply eyeliner, eyeshadow, & mascara & how to do a basic smoky eye look. That’s where I REALLY start getting the color on the eyes! To see the finished look, check out my “Avon Demo Completed Look” video (which I uploaded first)! QUITE the transformation, hey!? Please visit my channel for more details in the info section of each video to see what products I used for the look. Thanks again for watching!

Part 2 of My First Makeup Vid (Base)

Here is Segment 2 of my first YouTube vid, featuring how I apply cover-up (stick), contouring powder, & blush. I should probably be using a highlighter for underneath the eyes, or at least concealer, but I haven’t been doing that. (I often think it is OVER-done in today’s society…especially with celebrities.) I’m going to try to remember to start to incorporating that into my routine, because I was playing around with some Avon Quad shadows last night & just happened to give it a whirl…I used one of my super light matte cream Revlon shadow colors as a bit of a primer just for experimentation, & I think I could see even MORE of a transformation with a bit of something like that.

Stay tuned for how the look is coming along with the next segments. Or just visit my YouTube page, as all the segments are already uploaded there. Thanks for watching!

Part 1 of my 1st YouTube Makeup Vid

Hello there. Me without makeup is SCARY…so I made some vids of how I look WITH makeup, to experiment with my first makeup look “tutorial” of sorts. A tutorial with my warped twist of humor. (Well, in the next few vid segments…when I start warming up, haha!) In this vid, I show the miraculous transformation that takes place (gotta add the drama, of course) with Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation.This is the start of my base. Going from bare, to AWESOME. Stay tuned for the other segments, which I’ll be adding shortly! & thanks for watching!