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An Avon Product PREVIEW Review; & Legitimate Work-at-Home Resource Information

Well hello there, lovely peeps of the blogosphere! It’s certainly been a while. I am here today to write about a couple things: 1 will be a Preview review on an Avon Product. The 2nd one will be on a Legitimate Work-at-Home Resource & Information.

So, I got to try (“demo”) the Avon Super Shock Liquid Lip Shine SPF 15 in Lilac Attack. I keep forgetting this is a lip GLOSS, as I was expecting a bit more color payout. It truly is SUPER shiny though. The lip brush sponge tip is JUMBO-sized & has a well tip (a tip with a little dip in it) so it holds more gloss for one application than a normal brush. Overall, a great gloss. It truly swipes enough gloss on to cover most of the lips. When I did a second coat, I got a little bit more color to pop out.  It will be featured in Campaign 15. We are currently on C-14. So there is a little tidbit of preview info on that gloss. Feel free to comment with your experiences with it if you purchase it. In the meantime, please visit my store for great Campaign 14 deals & steals!

Ok, so, I have found the best resource out there for LEGITIMATE work-at-home jobs. It is an e-book that contains over 200 links to legit work-at-home jobs in varying categories, such as transcription, medical coding/transcription, accounting, customer service, & much more. I highly encourage you to check it out. You might come across the right match for you, FINALLY, after searching & searching with nothing but dead ends. The e-book also contains advice on how to start your own business, & helps you decide which category fits your skills & desires. Again, it is the most informative resource that I’ve seen out there on the net so far. (Click on the link below to check it out.)

****Click here to visit Work From Home Xperts. & even read a sample of their e-book!

Thank you for visiting, & have a lovely weekend, bloggers!