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A Quick Welcome…BIENVENIDO!

YESSS. So excited to finally have a NEW blog. I decided this would be better than dinking around with my old one, especially since WordPress is rated #1 on the Top 10 Blog Services Review: http://blog-services-review.toptenreviews.com/. This is what I was working on for hours last night & lately, & studying up on. The past few days especially. I feel like I’m in college all over again hahaha.

Gonna start uploading a few posts & other things in here as soon as I can. There is much work to be done…I didn’t even work on my bio & other settings yet. I would like to try some CSS programming to tweak the current theme I chose (which I mostly like the layout for)…a few things, & also the colors.

There will be a few things talked about on here….a variety. Hence the “Multi-Faceted Maven of Multiple Matters”, hahahahaha! I’ll blog about Avon, beauty, social media, SEO, & fitness. A mixed bag.

I shall return……………………